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Cloud Computing

The big buzz words these days are Cloud Computing and Virtual Access, but what does this mean to SMB Owner? If you're like most small businesses you have a small room in your office where the servers live. You may not know what they do, but you know what happens when they stop doing it. And every 3 years you know they need to be replaced. And it will be expensive. Have you ever wondered why all of this equipment has to be right in the next room? Is your office really the safest place to store your most sensitive data? And why does all of that equipment have to be your problem?

How does it work?

The real secret since it defies all real logic. Utilizing the same technology hosting companies have used for years we will install your final server. This server depending on the size of the company can handle multiple servers or 25 plus desktops. Utilizing virtual technology we will augment your existing desktops, servers, and network infrastructure through this one server. Your existing desktops and network infrastructure will remain in use until deemed time to retire it. At that point instead of purchasing new equipment we will replace them with virtual technology. The real benefit will be in the technology not the equipment; saving power, cooling, procurement, administrative and depreciation costs. You will be in like company as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon which have all invested billions of dollars in the technology and its potential.


Did I mention the server is capable of both horizontal and vertical growth as well as integration with our Disaster Recovery Solution? It also will integrate with all our Managed Services Plans and does not inherit extensive configuration and implementation costs.



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