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The Missing Link Value To You
We Work Together As A Team On Cost Effective Solutions To Strengthen Your IT (Information Technology) Network Infrastructure Support & Growth.

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We Specialize In:
IT Network Design, Implementation and Maintenance, Web Design and Hosting, and Manage Service Care Plans.



Cloud Hosting

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Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.



Client Testimonials

In Q1 of 2009 Holes of San Antonio contacted Missing Link, Inc. (MLI) for network and computer support. Along with other recommended solutions MLI installed and configured a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) system on our network. In December 2009 our legacy network server failed. Utilizing the standby server feature of the BDR, we were able to continue our computer production operations without disruption. The Backup and Disaster Recovery(BDR) system provided us with an interim solution for a failed server. At this time, MLI installed a new server, restored our data and applications from the BDR. The BDR restore feature allowed a new server install with minimal downtime.

- George Major, Holes of San Antonio, Inc.



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We can assist you with a computer purchase or multiple point WAN implementations, Missing Link is here to help.
We base our solutions on experience, industry best practices, and the strength of our vendors.


Revolutionary Portals: Used to manage and control a dynamic collection of Web material into easily editable content. 
Once content is separated from the visual presentation of a site, it becomes much easier and quicker to edit and manipulate.


All Major Brands including Dell, HP, IBM and Gateway.  Call us for a Free System/Network Evaluation.

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