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The Website Building Process

What is your start to finish process?  What do I need to get started?


A sit down meeting with the Missing Link Design Team.

  We determine what type of website and function will fits your needs.  To help the design process, please provide color schemes, logos and any images you would like considered when creating a site concept.

After site needs are discussed, a design is chosen and a contract is signed, we enter:


Phase I - Design & Development


Missing Link will begin site developement and the customization of your website.  Branding concepts will be created, if not provided.

The Client is responsible for selecting images, titles and amount of the website's pages, and most importantly...  CONTENT!!!  Content will take the most time to orangize, so we urge our client to start writing content before Phase I even begins.

Tasks completed by the end of Phase I

  •  HTML & CSS created.

  •  Menu pages added.


  •  Skin loaded.

  •  Module installations & purchases.


  •  Lorem Ipsem inserted as temp content.

  •  Module location placeholders added.


  •  Images resized and uploaded.

  •  Sample module data created.


Time frame: 1-2 weeks.


Phase II - Customization


The Client is can view layout, image postitioning and content structure and provide feedback on site construction and process.

Missing Link will organize all content, images and finalize the organization of your site.

Tasks completed by the end of Phase II

  •  All banners (flash & still).

  •  Skin customization.


  •  All place holders are removed.

  •  Module customization.


  •  Any software developed is loaded
     and configured.

  •  Lorem Ipsem removed and replaced
     with perm content.


  •  Testing begins.

  •  Training begins.


Time frame: 1-2 weeks.

  Completion & Training
   The Client continues to provide feedback and schedules training, if applicable.

Missing Link will training client on site management and provide support material.

Final Tasks

  •  Testing continues.

  •  Sign Off.


  •  Training is completed.

  •  Images and source files are provided.


  •  Site is registed with major search engines.

  •  Client specific tutorials will be available for
      online support.

  Time frame: Support will always be available after completion, tesing continues for an additional 2 weeks.  



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